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Michael Bennet bused tables today for "Coloradoans Don't Shut Down" tour

As part of his "Coloradoans Don't Shut Down" tour, Senator Michael Bennet stepped away from his desk in order to bus tables at the Adams Mountain Cafe in Manitou Springs. See also: Colorado lawmakers inclined to legalize hiking the Manitou incline

The tour is designed to highlight how when the government and D.C. shut down, average Coloradoans don't stop working -- and to illustrate that, Bennet is doing "average" jobs today in Manitou Springs and Pueblo, where he'll be riding along with police. Tomorrow he'll be on the assembly line at Jenson's Blue Ribbon Processing Facility in Fowler, helping to pack meat, then working at a John Deere dealership in Alamosa. His work responsibilities will wrap up with a substitute-teaching gig in Denver.

"We thought it was a pretty good opportunity to shine a spotlight on the contrast between Washington, D.C's dysfunction and Colorado," says Kristin Lynch, spokeswoman for Bennet. "In Colorado, people work together and get things done and take care of their daily responsibilities."

And how did Bennet do busing tables? Lynch was unable to confirm whether the senator had ever done that job before, but says that customers seemed excited to have their tables cleaned by someone who represents them.

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