Mikes 2 Kitchen enters the food truck street scene

At about 9 p.m. on Saturday night, we spotted the big yellow trailer that houses Mikes 2 Kitchen (pronounced Mikes Squared Kitchen) setting up for a long night in LoDo. It was the mobile vendor's first night on the street -- and one of the craziest party nights of the year to debut their wares.

The kitchen is the brainchild of Mike Levine and Mike Carlin, who cooked together in La Jolla, California ten years ago before embarking on separate journeys through restaurants around the country. They came back together here to create a breakfast and lunch food truck that serves up a bevy of dishes with a Southern influence.

The menu at Mikes 2 includes po' boys, gumbo, fried okra and andouille sausage. We sunk our teeth into a shrimp po' boy, a baguette stuffed full of plump, juicy shrimp supplemented by the tangy zip of pickled cucumbers and creamy remoulade. We also tried the black eyed peas, hearty and savory with a little kick.

As for regular stops? "We'll be at Civic Center Park a couple of times a week," says Levine. "Other than that, we're figuring it out."

For more information and stops, follow Mikes 2 Kitchen on Facebook or Twitter, or dial 303-437-0345.

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