Mile High Italian Deli will open this month in former home of In Season

The owners of Mile High Pizza Pie closed up shop downtown this fall when rents went sky-high on Stout Street, and headed for Highland. Along the way, they not only changed locations, but also altered the name and concept, as Mile High morphed into Mile High Italian Deli. "Like Tony's," explains Howard Ellis, "but way, way smaller." See also: My Pizza Peel now Mile High Pizza Pie

Definitely smaller, because Mile High has taken over the former home of In Season on Wyandot Street, just down the street from Cebiche. In fact, the owner of that building is a partner in the project -- which means Mile High Italian Deli won't have to worry about any more surprise rent increases for the next ten years.

Which is why they haven't been reluctant to improve and expand the space: The floors were just installed, they're finishing the bathroom, and the coolers were dropped off today. "The inside is basically finished," Ellis says. In the spring, they'll work on creating two outdoor patio areas -- but with snow on the way, there's no hurry for that.

And in the meantime, there will be seating indoors, where people who don't want to grab there food to-go can stay. And what will they be eating? "Sandwiches that nobody out here does," says Ellis. "Lasagne, ziti. East Coast things that are on every block there but nobody here does."

And pizza? That will depend on how the business goes. Right now, it's not part of the plan: This area of LoHi has plenty of pizza joints, but no Italian delis.

Mile High has a liquor license hearing on December 18, but Ellis says they hope to have the place open before then.

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