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MobCraft Will Close Its Denver Location on April 23, Just Seven Months After Its Debut

The Wisconsin-based brewery had a challenging run in Denver, including construction delays and a falling out with its food partner.
MobCraft Beer opened last September in Curtis Park.
MobCraft Beer opened last September in Curtis Park. MobCraft Beer
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On April 13, MobCraft announced that it is closing its Denver location on Sunday, April 23. The Wisconsin-based outfit was immediately beset by hurdles when it began the process of opening a location at 2403 Champa Street. Construction on the space took longer than anticipated, and the original 2021 target opening ended up being pushed back to last September.

Then in February, MobCraft terminated its relationship with restaurant partner Dee Tacko. The flagship Pueblo location of Dee Tacko had closed, and many employees had exposed dysfunction and mistreatment of employees at that location by the ownership. Last month, the Pueblo outpost reopened as B&C Tacos under a new owner, along with one of the brothers that founded Dee Tacko, Arturo "Cesar" Munoz.
click to enlarge Mobcraft CEO Henry Schwartz.
The Wisconsin-based brewery had big plans for the Denver market.
MobCraft Beer
In a press release announcing the closure, MobCraft founder and CEO Henry Schwarz alluded to these issues, as well as challenges with the lease as the reasons for the decision to shutter. The building was formerly home to Liberati Restaurant & Brewery, and the owner of that business, Alex Liberati, is the landlord for the space.

Although MobCraft's tenure in Denver was short, there were some highlights. The brewery partnered with former Falling Rock proprietor Chris Black to host a huge 2022 GABF party. It also had the opportunity to create over a dozen collaboration beers, and its young head brewer, Derick Rivera, was able to gain valuable experience and improve his craft.

There will be a closing party Friday, April 21, through Sunday, April 23, and MobCraft plans to donate a percentage of sales during the final week to the Hispanic Restaurant Association, Curtis Park Neighborhood Association, Colorado Brewers Guild and its employees. 
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