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Moe's opens its doors on Bear Creek Road -- minus the tofu

Back in March, I shared the story of how the Brothers BBQ that catered my wedding, at 2589 South Lewis Way in Lakewood, was morphing into a Moe's Original Bar-b-Que.

It was bittersweet for me -- bitter because I've always loved barbecue and was sad to see this location go, but sweet because shortly after my wedding, I stopped eating meat for health reasons.

Barbecue enthusiasts already know there's really no substitute for pulled pork or tender ribs that slide off the bone. Yes, I miss it. But after I wrote that March post, I made a trip to the Englewood Moe's, 3295 South Broadway, and discovered their smoked tofu.

If you haven't had Moe's smoked tofu, let me just say: It's awesome. No, it's not pulled pork. But it's a damn good substitute -- smoky and juicy and served on a bun with Moe's marinated slaw as a topper. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.

So to say I was a little disappointed when I discovered this location wasn't serving smoked tofu yesterday is a major understatement. I was seriously, seriously bummed.

But according to Mike Shelly, who owns the new Moe's location, they'll be carrying the smoked tofu -- eventually. "Getting going, usually we try to build it up with the cornerstones that got us here," he explains. "It's a matter of getting the staff educated more than anything else. Once folks feel comfortable, it's a lot easier to do separate dishes like the brisket and the smoked tofu."

Shelly plans to include brisket, too, as a special "going down the road." His wife was a vegetarian for sixteen years, and he only recently "brought her back from the dark side," he says. "She has some urges for the smoked tofu as well," he discloses, so hopefully between myself and his wife, the Lakewood Moe's will start catering to my needs soon.

The opening yesterday went well, Shelly says. "It was a good one. Folks were pumped, the food came out great. This area's really been craving a different restaurant. It blew my expectations out of the water. Yesterday lunch was kind of slow, but steady, and last night we had a line out the door."

Welcome to the neighborhood, Moe's. Now smoke me some tofu!

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