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Muy Loco Tacos Expands With Second Trailer

The OG trailer launched in 2021 and now owner Hayden Clark is ready to double down.
The new Muy Loco Tacos trailer will be hitting the streets soon.
The new Muy Loco Tacos trailer will be hitting the streets soon. Muy Loco Tacos
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Hayden Clark, owner of Muy Loco Tacos, is all in on his mobile food business. He recently purchased a second trailer that will hit the streets of Denver soon, once its permits are in order.

Originally from northern Michigan, Clark has lived in Colorado for eleven years. "I had the itch to ski, and I had some friends that were already out here, so I made the leap to move to Vail," he says. "I was a ski bum and did that for a few years and kind of got that out of my system. And then, probably about seven years ago, I moved to Golden and felt like that was a good place for me to start this endeavor.

Having primarily worked in pizza joints during high school and in Vail, Clark always enjoyed the fast pace and camaraderie of the food industry. Then, "before moving to Golden, I moved back to Michigan for a summer and worked for a nonprofit called Grow Benzie," he recalls. "It's a community center and garden space run by Josh Stoltz, and he was kind of a mentor for me. This place has greenhouses, tons of farming land and a community center with a commercial kitchen."

When the local Goodwill reached out to the nonprofit about an available food truck, Grow Benzie "reached out to me to see if I was interested in running the food truck," Clark says. "Stoltz knew that I was interested in starting a business, and it was kind of an opportunity for me to do an internship. I ran the truck for a summer. We did a bunch of big events like Electric Forest and local breweries, just all kinds of stuff."
click to enlarge tacos, flautas and elote balls on a tray
A sample of Muy Loco Tacos offerings: elote pelota (top left), potato flauta (bottom left) and chicken and beef tacos (right).
Chris Byard
That summer experience solidified his dream to start his own business. "The reason that I wanted to get into food trucking was because it seemed approachable from my background and kitchen work," Clark notes. "I wanted the flexibility and freedom of making my own choices, and I wanted to fail myself or succeed myself."

When he returned to Colorado, Clark landed a job at Cheba Hut while continuing his search for a food truck. In 2020, someone from his hometown reached out about a mutual friend who was selling one, and Clark ended up going to Michigan to pick it up.

The truck was already branded as Muy Loco Tacos, which Clark opted to keep. "Toby, the previous owner, did crazy stuff like squid and emu. He had about five or six tacos, and everything was fried. They were always priced high because they were unusual and exotic. I kind of tossed that out the window," Clark says.

When he launched in Colorado in 2021, "we made our menu closer to what we thought Colorado would appreciate — there's a higher standard of Mexican food here," Clark notes. "We have some strange things on the menu and we're all a little crazy. I think it still matches the brand. But it fell into our lap, and we've made it work."

Now, a little over three years into operation, Clark has developed a support crew consisting of his former Cheba Hut co-workers. "My kind of right-hand man, Matt Green, was my former boss, and I just kind of picked off some of the other good ones and brought them with me," he says. "The whole menu now is me and Matt."
click to enlarge a small red food trailer
The OG Muy Loco Tacos Trailer officially launched in January 2021.
Chris Byard
The truck's menu includes classic-style tacos served on corn tortillas with a choice of beef, pork and chorizo as well as a veggie option. One of the team's favorite and more unique dishes is the elote pelota. "It's our take on Mexican street corn," Clark says. "We make a roux that's just flour, butter, milk and some seasonings. Then we add corn and cotija cheese to create a batter and put it in the fridge overnight. Pull it out the next day, roll the batter into balls with panko and seasoning, freeze them and then fry them. I call it a Mexican street corn croquette."

The new trailer "is more of our own creation of what we thought Muy Loco Tacos should be. It's laid out better, there's A/C, and the wrap is more our idea of the luchadors and the wrestling thing, just muy loco," Clark says. When it launches in Denver, it will also be serving some new menu items. "We're going to have a loco taco of the month. We're going to put potatoes on the new trailer. Tots — we're going to call them Totchos, which will have all the taco fixings on them. Matt started doing carnitas that are really good; that's going on the new trailer."

The team hopes to park the old trailer at a permanent location and use the new one to pop up at events and breweries around town. "I want to be reliable. I want to be consistent. And I want to have top-notch customer service. Those are the things I care about. I want people to know that we are going to show up and do a good job," Clark concludes.

For more information, including the schedule for Muy Loco Tacos, follow it on Instagram @muylocotacos
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