Now you can taste Denmark on Kipling

There is something so sensual about tearing into an airy croissant, steam gently rising as you let the pastry melt on your tongue. Creating this masterpiece is no easy feat (as I learned in my baking class at Johnson and Wales), necessitating hunks of butter and dough, steady hands and a patient mind.

Those of you who have been to Taste of Denmark, on 1070 South Union Boulevard in Lakewood, know that owners Ronny Tronoe and Diana Honoe have it down pat. They also aren't too bad at danishes, scones, kringle, tarts, strudel and so on.

It should then come as exciting news to the people around 1901 South Kipling Street that they soon will have their own Taste of Denmark. Tronoe and Honoe will be opening a second location soon, and Tronoe let me in on where they are at.

"It's a nice, nice location. We are completely remodeling the space, which was a motorcycle store before. We'll have sandwiches, homemade soups, and everything will be fresh baked. We wanted this location for six years and now we finally have the opportunity to do it."

He told me, they're hoping to be up and running in three to four weeks. I will dream of croissants until then.

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