Reader: RiNo Is Just Yuppies and Craft Beer

Number Thirty Eight will take advantage of warm days...and weather cold ones.
Number Thirty Eight will take advantage of warm days...and weather cold ones.
Mark Antonation

After two years of planning Number Thirty Eight, an eatertainment complex complete with an outdoor stage and volleyball courts, as well as an indoor restaurant with two long bars, owners Spencer Fronk and Andrew Palmquist weren't going to surrender to a pandemic.

This weekend, they opened their venue at 3560 Chestnut Place, named for Colorado's position as the 38th state to join the Union. Although they have plans to open similar spots in other states, this is the first, and it focuses on Colorado.

"We're trying to encapsulate what it means to live in Colorado," Fronk states. "We're going to create the après lifestyle right here in the city."

While many readers are excited for an option that will let them hear live music again — while drinking from a large selection of Colorado craft beers — others have their doubts, as evidenced by comments posted on the Westword Facebook page. Says Jeremy:

It’s Colorado, not Florida. Do these clowns even know how cold nights are in Denver from late October until mid- May? It’s cold, bros...

Responds Jenny: 

Ever been to a ski area? Or a winter concert at Red Rocks? Coloradans can take the cold if the entertainment is hot.

Notes Wesley:

RiNo used to be cool. Now it's just yuppies and craft beer.

Replies Brian: 

True of literally all of Denver. That’s why the real cool kids live in Fort Morgan.

But Jon concludes: 

Nothing wrong with craft beer. I'll be there.

And there will be plenty of beer: The two indoor bars are set up as 24 taprooms in miniature, each representing a different Colorado beer, wine, cider or spirits producer — although only seven producers will be represented initially because of COVID-related restrictions. Those guidelines will also keep capacity on the patios to about 175 (though they're capable of holding up to 1,000), and the crowd inside to sixty.

Will you be one of them? While reservations are required, there's no cover.

What do you think of the Number Thirty Eight concept? Post a comment or email your thoughts to editorial@westword.com.

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