On a paleo diet? Caveman Cafeteria now delivers via FedEx

Caveman Cafeteria might have put the brakes on its food truck, but the paleo-centric company started by Army vet/standup comedian Will White is still on the move. Caveman Cafeteria, now under the motto "Where the Hunters Gather," is now delivering -- nationally.

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White became interested in Crossfit and the advantages of a paleo diet during his seven years in the Army -- and a week after he left the service in June 2012, he'd turned that interest into a food truck, the Caveman Cafeteria.

Despite its popularity, the truck didn't last long; it can be now found for sale on Craigslist. "We used the food stand as a billboard to offer wedding catering and to publicize our paleo meal delivery service," White says.

That service now delivers premade, organic paleo meals to twelve states via FedEx. If you live in metro Denver, you can also get your order at free pickup locations around Denver and Boulder.

When he's not telling jokes behind a mike, White is talking about the importance of a diet of grass-fed meat and vegetables to avoid heart diseases, diabetes and cancer, while ensuring better sleep and weight loss. And with his delivery service, he's made it easier to follow that diet.

For more information, go to the Caveman Cafeteria website.

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