Only in Colorado: Food, Yoga and Weed Meet in Perfect Harmony

A joint of Gorilla Glue makes its way to a guest who trades biscuits, Palisade peach marmalade and butter for a hit. Welcome to Yoga With a View, a cannabis-themed event that has been growing exponentially over the years. Kendal Norris of Mason Jar Event Group says the concept "came to her in a dream" — and now regulars dream about it all year until the next Yoga With a View.

The third edition started on Sunday, August 28, at Shupe Homestead with coffee and sticky buns as well as a nice, cannabis-infused Gentle Green tea from Stillwater, similar to a cucumber-laced Arnie Palmer. A dab bar from Healthy Headie was stocked with a fruit basket of 710 Labs concentrates, playing off the limonole terpine. The Tangerine Haze live resin may be the best way to taste the tangerine flavor profile of this strain, and the highly awarded 710 Labs does it justice.
Guests really had to earn their meal with the yoga class taught by Larissa Ortiz, who's created an intensive Vinyasa practice that pushed the physical limits of attendees while still acknowledging that this group was a healthy mix of cannabis-industry vets and yogis alike. A sweet, guided meditation followed the sweaty, hour-long vinyasa yoga, tapping into the post-workout relaxation of the crowd. Then other senses perked up as the smell of bacon rose in the distance and Annie Jackson started playing some tunes.

For this event, Norris worked with famed Top Chef winner and Blackbelly Market owner Hosea Rosenberg. Greeting the crowd, Rosenberg expressed his gratitude for being able to cook for this crew, and for the palatable and "fruity" terpene profiles in the cannabis from Sweet Leaf that paired with his ideal post-yoga brunch. Sponsors included Kush Kards, which outlined the menu. 

The meal began with a yogurt parfait meant to be topped by Julie's Granola. That company's owner shared her story of battling illness while looking for a safe and health-conscious edible; she developed Julie's Natural Edibles as an alternative to the sugary lineup most are accustomed to.

Delectable salads followed, including a Red Wagon heirloom tomato and cucumber salad with an oregano-red wine vinaigrette served over local greens from Rfarm2, and a Red Wagon organic melon salad with a drizzle of pumpkin seeds and feta cheese. These first two lighter courses were paired with Sweet Leaf's Tangerine Haze.
But the thick-cut bacon, smoked in-house by Blackbelly, may have been the star; it shared a plate with cheddar-and-chive grits and a vegetable frittata with Fontina cheese and locally sourced veggies from Isabelle Farm. This main course paired well with Gorilla Glue, a pungent strain grown by Sweet Leaf that played on the earthy, piney and sour notes.

It was hard to leave the Shupe Homestead on a day like this. 
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Lindsey Bartlett is a writer, photographer, artist, Denver native and weed-snob. Her work has been published in Vanity Fair, High Times and Leafly, to name a few.
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