Our Daily Bread Special Report!

So, Westword web editor Joe Tone and I tried going to Mendelson's today for a triple-decker sandwich so I could start working on my Mendelson's sweatshirt (free if you eat all 21 varieties), but it was closed, I'm assuming, because of the rapidly melting snow.

As a result, we headed across the intersection to the Heidi's Brooklyn Deli outpost at 17th and Welton streets, where I encountered three things to warm my chilled heart.

The first was free cookies. Gooey-chocolate chip free cookies. Gooey chocolate-chip free cookies that I ate first, before my sandwich, because it was Free Cookie Friday at this Heidi's, and that's just how you have to roll on Free Cookie Friday.

The second was Heidi's Emergency Stimulus Package, available only at this location. The package is a frequent-buyer card that entitles the owner to 10 percent off on his next visit, 15 percent off on his third, 20 percent off on his fourth and 25 percent off on his fifth. Store owner Paul Farrelly and former U.S. Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson "baked up this bailout for distressed appetites," according to the flier.

The third was my sandwich (one I've been meaning to try):  the Hell's Kitchen, which the sandwichere working behind the counter insisted was one of the three best that the local chain makes, and I'd have to agree.

I've heartily endorsed Heidi's Bronx Bomber (egg salad and pastrami), but this one was equally good, if not better, consisting of the restaurant's awesome egg salad, a mound of bacon, Swiss cheese, avocado and spicy Cajun sauce that made my eyes water.

It's a stimulus sandwich you can't afford to miss, especially on a Free Cookie Friday.

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