Our Weekly Bread: Safeway

The sandwich: Smoke stack Where to get it: Safeway What's on it: Turkey, ham, fontina, tomato, lettuce and mustard on ciabatta bread How much: $5.49

I didn't really want to review the sandwiches at Safeway; I'd rather check out a small, or at least medium-sized, business, rather than a giant supermarket company based in Pleasanton, California.

But damn if I didn't have some errands to run yesterday -- not to mention the fact that I'm lazy. And I guess that is what Safeway is relying on to keep its deli in business.

I used to like Safeway sandwiches when I lived in California, where Safeway is called Vons. They were big and fresh and good. And although the names of the sandwiches are the same in Colorado, here they are so much less than the sum of their parts.

Mine came with a ton of meat and cheese, lettuce, tomato and mustard on ciabatta bread, and it should be hard to screw that up. But the bread was stale to the point of being inedible (I took off the top slice and used the cheese to contain the fixings instead), the meat was unbelievably salty, the mustard was horribly overpowering, and the lettuce tasted like dirt. Oh, and the guy making it handled the food in a way that made me think he's normally in charge of changing the oil on Safeway's semi trucks.

I didn't even finish the thing. So that's what laziness got me.

I wish the local deli sold groceries.

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