Wonderbowl is gone and Pho Duy has taken over the space.EXPAND
Wonderbowl is gone and Pho Duy has taken over the space.

Pho Duy Moves Into Vacated Wonderbowl Space

When Wonderbowl moved into a space next door to longtime favorite Pho Duy last year, it seemed an odd cozying-up. After all, the owners of Wonderbowl also run Pho Duy 6 in Broomfield. Still, flirting with the new noodle house on Federal Boulevard was a titillating experience that yielded some tasty pho (and a few other unusual flavors — like a rich bun bo Hue) —  tasty enough to earn the place our Best Pho Restaurant award this year.

But Wonderbowl never really captured the crowds on Federal Boulevard and the faithful remained true to Pho Duy. Now Wonderbowl has taken down its sign and Pho Duy moved into the larger, more modern spot last week — after more than twenty years holding down its original strip-mall location. And over the weekend, the new Pho Duy was as busy as ever, serving the same noodle soup that has won over hearts and bellies for years.

Fans of Wonderbowl's larger choice of Vietnamese dishes aren't completely out of luck, though; the owners of Pho Duy 6 offer the same menu and chef's specials up north.

Here is a message from Pho Duy's Faceboook page explaining the move (with helpful infographic):

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