Photos: Famous faces, food and debauchery from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen

We've got all sorts of takeaways from the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, which just celebrated its thirtieth anniversary in Glitter Gulch over the weekend, and we'll be posting stories throughout the week about the new Chefs Club in the St. Regis, along with surprising observations and confessions from Grant Achatz, Thomas Keller and Tom Colicchio, but first, here's a gallery of snapshots to whet your appetite. Star chefs Tom Colicchio, Grant Achatz and Thomas Keller, along with

Food & Wine

magazine editor-in-chief Dana Cowin, gather at Chefs Club by

Food & Wine

magazine in the St. Regis for a roundtable discussion of restaurants and the future of food. The grand tasting tent. Every year, the Wines of Spain booth garners one the longest lines in the tasting tent; the wines are a big draw, but so so is the selection of Spanish cheeses. Andrew Zimmern and José Andrés at the spectacular Wines of Spain party that always takes place on the grounds of a palatial estate. The house where this year's feast took place is actually on the market...for $28 million. The swanky dining room at the Chefs Club by

Food & Wine

magazine in the St. Regis. This year, Whole Foods hosted a fishmonger competition, in which fish slayers from Whole Foods stores from across the country competed against one another for top fish in the sea supremacy. Bob "The Fish Guy" Keany, the fishmonger at the Whole Foods in Highlands Ranch, won the battle.

Top Chef

season nine winner Paul Qui. Andrew Zimmern, José Andrés and Giada De Laurentiis at the Wines of Spain party. There were sausages galore -- and a whole lot more -- at the Wines of Spain soiree, which spotlighted the food of Andrés. Oak at 14th bartender and co-owner Bryan Dayton shook things up at a pool party at the Sky hotel.

Top Chef

season four contestant Richard Blais in the grand tasting tent. There were thousands of bottles of wine to sample in the grand tasting tent, but these German Rieslings were some of the best -- and the winemakers had personalities as vibrant as their wines. To wit: Riesling tattoos. The Denver FIVE -- Tyler Wiard (Elway's Cherry Creek), Jessica Scott (Bistro Boys Catering), Hosea Rosenberg (BlackBelly Catering), Samir Mohammad (former chef of the Village Cork - now a free agent) and Jenna Johansen (current contestant on

Around the World in 80 Plates

on Bravo) -- cooked for a private party. Ben Parson, who founded the Infinite Monkey Theorem, hosted a blowout bash in the Smuggler Mine, and pig, courtesy of Masterpiece Deli, was in abundance. Kelly Whittaker, chef-owner of Pizzeria Basta in Boulder, did sous-vide wieners wrapped with Tender Belly bacon at the Mine party. IMT's rosé wine in a can. Chefs Michael Symon and Bobby Flay share a laugh while autographing their cookbooks in the grand tasting tent. This marked the thirtieth anniversary of the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, and as part of the celebration, chefs Mario Batali, José Andrés and Michel Niscahn cooked at a benefit concert, where Elvis Costello took the stage -- and Batali served, among other dishes, a fantastic cheese and cherry tomato bruschetta. Mario Batali at the thirtieth anniversary party. Michel Nischan. The 2009 Debauchery Petit Verdot / Petite Sirah wasn't the best juice in the tent, but it definitely defined the weekend.

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