Photos: Park House a true neighborhood tavern on East Colfax

The old house at 1515 Madison Street has gone through several incarnations since it was the elegant Normandy, a French restaurant run by Pierre Wolfe. Among other ventures, it housed both PS 1515 and the Pink Elephant -- where cops busted burlesque dancers. Recently, there were plans to open a place named Corner House there -- not to be confused with the Corner House that is slated to open this month at 2240 Clay Street with Matt Selby as a partner. But those plans fell through, paving the way for Park House, which opened there last month.

This is a real neighborhood spot, a comfortable watering hole on Colfax where you can drop by for a drink (it has a parking lot!) or plop yourself in one of the cozy rooms, order a "not-so-basic burger" or a specialty nacho plate (there are eight varieties, including buffalo chicken, Philly cheesesteak, pulled pork and "macho nachos") and make yourself at home for an entire evening.

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"I think we were really trying to fill a void," says Drew Gottleib, an attorney who's lived in the neighborhood for five years and took on the project with partners, hiring veteran operator Roger Glas to run Park House. "The concept was always a neighborhood place to go to," Gottlieb explains, "and the neighborhood has been very welcoming...everyone is pretty excited about what's going on."

Last weekend, for example, a family of twelve came in for brunch at noon -- just ten hours after forty people left the bar after last call.

Right now, the kitchen is opening at 5 p.m. during the week and 10:30 a.m. on weekends, and serving until 10 p.m.; the goal is to phase in a late-night menu and keep the kitchen going untl 1:30 a.m.

They also have plans to expand the covered patio, and since the place has a dance cabaret license, they could add DJs to the mix at some point. But for now, the focus is being a go-to spot for the area, a tavern that feels like home.

Welcome to the neighborhood. Keep reading for more photos of Park House.

Keep reading for more photos of Park House.

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