Get Out and Take Out: A Pizza the Action at Pizzeria Locale

The social distancing got a little confusing...
The social distancing got a little confusing... Patricia Calhoun
If you pick up takeout food these days, the money's sure to go to a good cause — helping to pay some of the eatery's workers and keep the place afloat, for starters. But on March 25, there was added impetus to order from one of the three Pizzeria Locale locations in the area, since 50 percent of online sales that day would go to the Restaurant Workers Community Foundation, whose Crisis Relief Fund efforts are providing direct relief and loans to innumerable hospitality workers and restaurants currently affected by the coronavirus shutdown.

That made Pizzeria Locale an easy go-to choice for to-go food yesterday, but I didn't see anything about the benefit on the Pizzeria Locale website, or at the location at 550 Broadway, where I went to pick up my order. And there was plenty of time to look for it, as well as to study the awkward social-distancing setup (how about closing the side door?), since the place was very busy and my order was about twenty minutes late.

But it was worth waiting for: a popular Mais pizza ($8.50), a pepperoni version ($7.25), a caponata salad ($5.75) and, what the hell, some pork meatballs ($3.50). Which I almost ate with my fingers as I drove home: Given the amount of hand sanitizer I'd used all day, my fingers were certainly cleaner than any utensils in my kitchen. (Fortunately, I'd skipped the reportedly irresistible budino, because that pudding-ish delicacy would have been impossible to eat while driving.)

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Patricia Calhoun
And the leftover pizza was just as good for breakfast this morning as it had been for dinner last night.

Despite the lack of signage, Pizzeria Locale wound up donating $4,469 from March 25 sales to the RWCF, and it will be doing a second fundraiser on April 7, earmarking another 50 percent of all pick-up orders placed on the website to the same good cause.

But don't wait until then to get out and take out from a Pizzeria Locale location. All three are open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m.; order your Pizzeria Locale meal online, and you may even be able to avoid maneuvering that safe-six line.

While all restaurants in Colorado are closed to dine-in eating, they're allowed to offer takeout, drive-thru and delivery service. We've been trying to visit a different one every day, to let you know what options are available. Find more options on our list of metro Denver restaurants offering pick-up and delivery.
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