Randy Layman departs Jonesy's after just two days behind the bar

When news broke that Randy Layman was leaving Avenue Grill to run the bar at Jonesy's EatBar for Leigh Jones, it sounded like a match made in heaven. Layman is an incredible mixologist with a passion for tending bar -- and for teaching neophytes how to tend bar well. Leigh Jones is an incredible restaurateur with a passion for serving great food -- and for supporting local produce whether it's in the kitchen or behind the bar.

Which is why it was shocking to hear that Layman was leaving Jonesy's after just one weekend.

But as with any new relationship, sometimes there just isn't a fit.

The split was a mutual decision, Jones says, who talks at length about how much respect she has for Layman. "Ultimately, it's a similar scenario to the question of a chef versus a kitchen manager," she explains. "Jonesy's is focused on our food, so a chef fits perfectly for us and truly puts the 'gastro' into our gastropub. On the other hand, with an inventory of over forty bottles of Colorado beer, twenty wines by the glass and thirty more bottles, we need a bar manager rather than a mixologist -- and Randy and I both realized this after a few shifts together. Randy is perhaps one of the best mixologists in town, and in the same way I'd never ask a great chef to simply be a kitchen manager, I simply can't ask Randy to just be my bar manager."

So now Jonesy's is looking for a new bar manager. And Layman is looking for his next bartending position -- but since he collected many fans while he was at Avenue Grill for seven years (read his Behind the Bar interview here), prospective employers had better contact him quickly.

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