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Reader: "Best" Is a Subjective Exercise in Time, Taste and Personal Preference

It's time to bring out your best! At noon today, our 2016 Best of Denver Readers' Poll goes live, asking your opinion on everything from the best new restaurant to the best chef to the best burger. As we've been eating our our way around town, we served up a list of the Ten Best Burgers in Denver — ending with 2015's Best of Denver winner, the Ditka Burger at Jimmy's Urban Grill, which closed earlier this month. The disappearance of our best burger was just one reason a reader says the list "lacked credibility." Another offers this: "Best burgers, my ass."

Responds Sudz Terkel:
"Best" anything is an oxymoron and merely a subjective exercise of time, taste and personal preference. When I moved to town, I had friends steering me to the "best" places and, by and large, they were "busts." Such determinations are best made by individual experience.
And we want to know what you've experienced around town! You'll find the 2016 Best of Denver Readers' Poll on westword.com. And watch for the Best of Denver 2016 on Thursday, March 31.
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