Reader: Corner House wasn't the right fit for laidback Jefferson Park

Two very different restaurants closed over the weekend: Corner House , which opened in Jefferson Park in January 2013 with major hoopla but also had some major problems, and the Cherry Creek location of Earls, a link in a national chain that blames "ongoing construction" in the area for the closure. The Corner House space is slated to become another restaurant; Earls leaves behind two surviving locations in the metro area.

Our commenters are not in mourning...

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What happened to Corner House? Says Rhiannon:

I live in Jefferson Park but was never inclined to visit Corner House. The menu just wasn't the right fit for the laid-back neighborhood and seem over-ambitious from the start. Look at Sassafras just a few blocks north that has people lining up for hours..right menu, right location.

As for Earls, says Bsquared5280:

Not that I would go to Earls, but the disaster of roads that is Cherry Creek keeps me away as well.

What kinds of restaurant would you like to see going into the Corner House space? And what could survive the upheaval in Cherry Creek?

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