Zoe Ma Ma owner Edwin Zoe with sous chef Mei.
Zoe Ma Ma owner Edwin Zoe with sous chef Mei.
Danielle Lirette

Reader: Do Not Put the Server's New Salary on My Bill!

Zoe Ma Ma, which Gretchen Kurtz reviews this week, gets compliments for the setup at its new Denver location, as well as for its downhome Chinese fare. But one thing isn't drawing raves: a 15 percent sustainability initiative fee that's added to all tabs unless a customer specifically opts out. Owner Edwin Zoe says the "first priority" of the fee is to give his employees a living Wage. “Principally, it makes no sense to me that we, as one of the richest nations, pay dedicated, hard-working people, many with families and children, minimum wages that cannot afford them reasonable housing, education, or health care,” he explains. But Daniel isn't buying it:

F That....Tip all you want, but do not put the server's new salary on my bill.

Have you eaten at the Zoe Ma Ma by Union Station? What do you think of the food? The sustainability initiative fee? 

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