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Reader: Good Chinese Food? If You're Under 24 or a Stoner!

We've been eating our way through town as we make our choices for the Best of Denver 2016, which will land on March 31. Our hunt for the Best Chinese Restaurant has led us all over the metro area; we outlined some of our finds in our recent list of the eleven best Chinese restaurants, as well as an offshoot that highlighted three great chicken dishes at three neighborhood Chinese joints, including Peter's Chinese Cafe. Says Kendall: 
Peter's is the best Chinese I've ever had ever. And I lived in San Francisco & San Jose
Adds Joe:
I love Zoe Ma Ma, I ate there every week when I worked in the area. Any list of Chinese food in Denver is incomplete without Lao Wang Noodle House. Best Chinese food and best verbal abuse in Denver IMO.
 Says Jan: 
Golden Plate II in Lakewood is good. The restaurant needs to be remodeled, but the food is unusually good. Especially the sesame pockets with pork hash and the green beans with garlic sauce.
Adds Brent: 
Westword is such a terrible publication lol. I'm a stoner and still can't stand any of their crap. How does Lil Ollie's not make this list?
And then there's this from Miguel: 
Chinese food? If you're under 24 or a stoner. I like grown-up food. Here's a clue: If it's priced by the scoop and it ain't ice cream, you don't have taste in food.
What's your favorite spot for Chinese food? Tell is in a comment, and then vote in our Best of Denver 2016 Readers' Poll. The deadline in this first round of voting is midnight Friday, February 26!
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