Reader: Great American Beer Festival volunteers are trained to pour suds, not info

The gang's all beer, now that the town is filling up with hops-heavy events in honor of the Great American Beer Festival, just a week away.

But while the GABF is popular, does it need a makeover? That's what Jonathan Shikes suggests in "Five ways to freshen up the Great American Beer Festival," with suggestions ranging from add another day to new lighting to better food. And then there are those clueless volunteers....

Concern about know-nothing volunteers brought this response from Nicole:

nteresting ideas. I definitely agree that the ambiance of the festival is somewhat lacking, and that it would be great to have more opportunities to talk to the brewers themselves. I think a lot of the issues you've pointed out and the challenge of changing them has to do with the size of the event. It's easier to keep things the way people expect them than to re-educate thousands on how it all works. As one of the volunteers who does know about beer, I agree it would be great to have them all educated on it, but again - how do you teach a few thousand volunteers everything about beer in advance of the event?

Good question...do you have an answer? Or other suggestions for how the GABF could be improved? Post your comment below, or join the GABF conversation already under way here.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.