Reader: If You Live in Stapleton, Don't Count on Food Deliveries Coming Your Way

Teague Bohlen recently ticked off a list of seven things that make Stapleton residents really, really mad — and ticked off many of those residents in the process. But it appears that he barely scratched the surface of the irritants; among other things, readers sent in complaints about a lack of independent restaurants in the area. And even at the rare indy spots, parents sometimes let their kids run wild, as many customers have observed at Station 26. "This is a brewery, not a playground," mutters one. But Carmen points out another problem:

I live in Stapleton and was very surprised "EXTREMELY LIMITED FOOD DELIVERY" didn't top this list. Almost no one delivers to the Stapleton area... unless you're into Asian or pizza, don't count on anyone coming your way.

What are your favorite restaurants in Stapleton? And if you live there, have you had trouble getting food delivered? What other parts of the city are off-limits to delivery services?

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