White Fence Farm chicken could fly on the 16th Street Mall.
White Fence Farm chicken could fly on the 16th Street Mall.
Chris Utterback

Reader: More White Fence Farm Spots? Copious Amounts of Corn Fritters!

Since Lakewood's venerable White Fence Farm changed hands almost two years ago, the new owners have started a farm team, opening fried-chicken outlets in the Pepsi Center and at Green Valley Ranch. Now they're expanding into Capitol Hill and onto the 16th Street Mall — and a White Fence Farm spot will soon land at Elitch Gardens. Much of the food for these outposts is made in the original kitchen, at 6263 West Jewell Avenue. Getting the chicken to fly in other locations was easy, but figuring out how to make corn fritters that would travel was more of a challenge...until they got a new fritter fryer. Good move. Says Rosemary:

We live close to the Lakewood store. The corn fritters never make it home. They are eaten immediately but fairly...as in "one for you and one for me"...until they are gone!

 Adds Rachel: 

Corn fritters?!?! That would seriously be the only reason I'd go through there, copious amounts of corn fritters.

And then there's this from Carrie: 

I have always loved WFF. Four generations of family have enjoyed the food, atmosphere for important celebrations. So glad to hear this news.

 Have you been to White Fence Farm lately? Which do you crave more: the fritters or the fried chicken?

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