Reader: No surprise that fast-casual concept Soul Daddy was a fast casualty

The news that

Soul Daddy,

the winner of

America's Next Great Restaurant

, had closed its last outpost -- despite


's Steve Ells serving as one of the show's judges -- didn't surprise readers.

Says aceranchero:

I watched the series finale, when they announced the winner I turned to my wife and said "DOA."

Adds Dan:

They screwed him over royally. They watered down his concept, then didn't support the restaurants at all. The outcome of this show left a real bad taste in my mouth, and made the judges -- not the contestants -- look bad.

Finally, there's this from 5280man:

Shows you how much that douchebag team of fast-casual gurus know about what real people want. They denied one of the contestants because they just didn't think Americans were ready for fast casual Indian food. I googled 'Fast Casual Indian Food' and came up with no less than 10 operating restaurants.

That show was a joke. A guy hawking his "spicy balls" almost won...

Were you surprised that this fast-casual concept was a fast casualty? Or that the show itself looks like it was a ratings casualty?

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