Deep in the heart of Texas?
Deep in the heart of Texas?

Reader: Only an Ignorant Texan Would Think Tex-Mex Is Mexican

Mario moved here from Texas nineteen years ago, and yesterday we shared his complaint that he can't find any good Mexican food in Denver — and by "Mexican food," he means Tex Mex. That doesn't play well with Coloradans, who all have their favorite kinds of Mexican food — but rarely the version served in the Lone Star State. Says Toni:

Please move back to Texas so you have have that Tex-Mex garbage you've mistaken for Mexican food. If you want Mexican food, you should probably to go to Mexico.

Adds Skb:

Casa Bonita has excellent Tex-Mex! Enjoy!!

Suggests Jeffrey:

If you want Tex-Mex, I believe Chili's has fajitas.

And then there's this from Dave: 

Only an ignorant Texan would think Tex-Mex is Mexican.

Tex-Mex may not be authentic Mexican food, but it's an authentic genre, and you can definitely find examples around Denver. Any more suggestions?

In the meantime, take a look at this list of the Nine Best Places for Texans to Eat in Denver that Mark Antonation served up two years ago....


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