We brake for Woody's Wings N Things in Westminster.
We brake for Woody's Wings N Things in Westminster.
Mark Antonation

Reader: Please Don't Ruin Woody's, Our Secret Place in the Corner of the World!

Woody's Wings N Things occupies an easy-to-miss space in a Westminster strip mall. But as Mark Antonation advises in this week's Ethniche, you do not want to miss this spot, an independent restaurant that has some American standards (corn dogs) but also incredible Asian dishes. In fact, he says, the Things are the best things at Woody's. There's just one problem, says Bret:

 Westword, please include a map to Westminster. Many of your readers aren't aware there is anything between Denver and Boulder.

But other readers had no problem finding this place. Says Misty:

 The people who run this place are Hmong. Been a family favorite of ours for years!!! Please don't ruin our secret place in the corner of the world! aghhh.

Adds Krystyna: 

When I saw this, I felt the same. Been going there for years.

Have you been to this Woody's Wings? What do you think of the Things? What other unexpected ethnic treasures are buried the suburbs? 

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