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Reader: Two Thumbs Down on Breckenridge Brewery Sale to Anheuser-Busch

Over the past year, more than a dozen craft brewers have been gobbled up, either by larger breweries, corporate breweries, European interests or private-equity investors. And there is more — much more — on the way. Up until last week, though, there hadn't been uch action with Colorado craft brewers. But then came the news Anheuser-Busch will acquire Breckenridge Brewery, one of Colorado's oldest and more storied breweries. And the comments started pouring in. Says Steven: 
Have been a long-time BB supporter - even had my bachelor party at the Tasting Room. Good for the owner and the investors. Bad for the craft/artisan brewing community as a whole. Two thumbs down.
Adds Tim: 
Acquisitions and name brand market share is the name of the game. These business owners work their asses off, get old and want instant retirement cash. They sell what they have worked so hard to build. This happens to about every business, corporate goliaths will swallow you up unless you want to have the self respect to tell them to fuck off and pass the torch on.

on another note, their beer is very average at best. ha
Concludes Jeffrey:  
Breckinridge is a sub par craft brewery. After Anheuser-Busch ruins it.  I will not miss it too much. Way to compromise your integrity, guys!!!
What do you think of the Breckenridge Brewery deal? What Colorado craft brewer do you think will be the next to go?

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