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Reader: Why Are Two of Denver's Best Italian Restaurants in Boulder?

With new Italian restaurants hitting the metro area like a shower of Parmesan cheese and still more to come, we decided it was time to update our list of the ten best Italian restaurants in Denver — and readers were quick to respond. Says David: 
Surprised to see Coperta and Sarto's here; reviews are certainly not all raves but I guess I need to try them for myself. Although it's not a pricy full-service restaurant, DiFranco's has served me some pretty awesome Italian.
Adds Allyn: 
How about the mom-and-pop restaurants that are still family-owned and -operated?
But Kathleen has another concern: 
Here are the "best Italian restaurants in Denver"...two of which are in Boulder...which means...they're not in Denver...????????????
And then there's this from Michael: 
Is Westword aware that the "Denver area" extends south of downtown?
We assume food fans will travel a good forty minutes from central Denver for a great meal — and that certainly covers Frasca in Boulder. When working on the Best of Denver, our annual compendium of everything worth celebrating in the Denver area, we include picks from Boulder to Castle Rock, Aurora to Evergreen (in short: the circulation area for our print edition), and we follow the same philosophy for these lists. Good food does not stop at the city limits.

As for the southern suburbs: We have a few favorite Italian restaurants down there, but don't think they rise to the level of these ten. What would you recommend, Michael?
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