Samba Brasil Cafe & Grill dances to a June beat

I don't want to make any sweeping predictions or jinx an address that hasn't been particularly kind to previous occupants -- most recently a java joint -- and the stretch of asphalt that makes up Leetsdale Drive hasn't exactly been a springboard for culinary greatness. Still, I'm going to postulize that when Samba Brasil Cafe & Grill opens in early June at 5075 Leetsdale Drive, the neighborhood will do the samba in the streets.

When I stopped by the space yesterday, I spoke with co-owner Andrea Nazario, who told me that she and her business partner, Cris Barros, will initially serve breakfast, lunch and Sunday brunch -- a blowout Sunday brunch -- with more than fifty Brazilian dishes sharing space in the small dining room. 

But this is not a rodizio -- and according to Nazario, it never will be -- so don't go expecting freakishly gluttonous heaps of meat on meat. Instead, Nazario and Barros will offer Brazilian snacks and sandwiches, grilled fish, seafood and chicken, feijoada (of course) and plenty of space to samba.

A liquor license (mojitos! Caipirinhas!) is forthcoming and expanded hours, including dinner, will follow.

In the meantime, you might want to brush up on your samba moves.

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