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Boulderites are being praised for being green...wait, what? Boulder? Green? That's right, folks, the people at Seeds of Change have selected Boulder as the first spot for their Change Tastes Good contest, which is promoting a newly introduced line of organic chocolate by promising to give away a year's supply of the stuff.

"The City of Boulder has been a hub for environmental policy and that initiative clearly comes from people that call this beautiful city home," explains Gail Broadright, marketing director for Seeds of Change. "We sent a crew out to gather insights for our contest and to help us introduce our new line of organic chocolate. Reusing and recycling is a commitment in Boulder, a Zero Waste city since 2006, not to mention the city's tremendous focus on alternative energy."

Don't worry if you're not part of the Republic, though. "While the contest was launched in Boulder," she continues, "it is a web-based contest, promoted nationally and open to submissions from across the country."

I got interested in this when I saw a Seeds of Change commercial featuring "Chef Kyle" from the Kitchen -- talking about cuddling baby seals or personally massaging blades of grass or something the restaurant does that is environmentally friendly -- as the Seeds of Change crew worked their way around Pearl Street, asking people about helping the earth.

Seeds of Change, which started twenty years ago as a seed company, now has a variety of organic products including grains, salad dressing, pasta sauces and so on. The company walks the talk, too. "Since its founding twenty years ago, Seeds of Change has donated 1 percent of net sales to promote sustainable organic farming initiatives worldwide," Broadright says.

But now onto the important stuff: How you can win a year's supply of chocolate.Just visit the company's website, where the rules are outlined as such:

"Send us your own homemade video (3 minutes or less), a photo, or written story about what changes you've made to save the earth! Entries must be received in good order by July 31, 2009. We'll review each entry, and pick one Grand Prize winner plus one runner-up. The Grand Prize winner will receive 365 days of Seeds of Change® Organic Chocolate, plus a variety of our other Seeds of Change Organic products. The runner-up will receive a sampling of Seeds of Change Organic Chocolate and our other Seeds of Change Organic products."

I'm all about saving the Earth (I mean, I'm living in Boulder! Isn't that enough?), but this contest is really about chocolate, as it should be. And it's good chocolate.

Good enough for me to consider throwing together a three-minute clip of cuddling a baby seal? Maybe.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.