Sexy Pizza's sexy facelift

Back in October, I wrote about Sexy Pizza, a new pizza joint at 1018 East 11th Avenue that was enjoying good word-of-mouth for both its name and its pizzas. At the time, partner Kayvan Khalatbari told me that Sexy's owners were planning some renovations that would make the name seem more appropriate.

Although Khalatbari is no longer around Sexy day to day (he's still a partner), I recently stopped by to take a look at the renovation job -- particularly the new oven, the only change that would affect the food.

I got a slice with sausage and a slice with tomatoes and ricotta. The slice with sausge was right up there in my pantheon of pizza, with a deep brown crust (the work of the new oven) providing a grounding for delicious toppings. I loved everything about it.

But eating the other slice, for lack of a better analogy, was like trying to hold up a small blanket and consume it. The stark difference between the two crusts was surprising. The topping were fantastic on both, but I'm thinking the sausage slice had some Cialis kneaded into the dough.

Once they make that crust more consistent, people will be lining up for slices at Sexy Pizza  -- and the new tables, new TV and new floors may convince them to stay and turn this into a true neighborhood hangout.

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