Shotgun Willie's takes a bullet for the DNC

It was fun while it lasted – for some. Although a number of downtown spots were rocking during the Democratic National Convention, many restaurant and nightlife spots outside of ground zero report that last week, business went from disappointing to abysmal. As the sign outside of Shotgun Willie’s last Friday noted, “Thanks for nothing, Democratic National Convention.”

Shotgun Willie's, located on the edge of Glendale at 490 South Colorado, had even put in a new patio this summer, in anticipation of the big convention coming to town. But its efforts could pay off this week, since the CEDIA (Consumer Electronics Design & Installation Association) expo kicks off tomorrow, and those 30,000 conventioneers know how to party.

Another Shotgun Willie's sign sighting -- outside of Laurel, Montana, which apparently has its own Shotgun Willie's adult emporium. Are the two connected? Not judging from comments posted on this web site devoted to Montana strip clubs. The listing for the Laurel Shotgun Willie's is largely devoted to the skankiness of the dancers, including one wearing an ankle bracelet courtesy of the local corrections office.

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