Salted-caramel apple pie at the Humble Pie Store.EXPAND
Salted-caramel apple pie at the Humble Pie Store.
Mark Antonation

Six Places to Celebrate National Pi Day in Denver

March 14 is known as National Pi Day (it's 3.14, after all) — the nerdiest, most delicious unofficial holiday of the year — and spots across the country are celebrating with specials. Some involve a stretch of the imagination, some a bigger challenge, but all should be delicious. Let the mouth-watering commence. 

A dose of humility at Humble Pie.EXPAND
A dose of humility at Humble Pie.
Lori Midson

Humble Pie
Earlier this year, Humble Pie reopened at much bigger digs at 3550 East Colfax Avenue, where it started celebrating National Pie Day this weekend....and the party continues today. "Pie elves slingin' all night tryin' to make 'Infinite' amounts," the store promises. What are you waiting for? Doors open at 7 a.m., and the coffee is on. Find out more at the Humble Pie Facebook page.

Half-price samosas on Pi Day.
Half-price samosas on Pi Day.
courtesy Bombay Clay Oven

Bombay Clay Oven
The  Indian restaurant at 165 Steele Street is celebrating Pi Day with $3 samosas all day, and it will be showing Life of Pi on its bar televisions. You can also enjoy half-price appetizers and drink specials during happy hour. Find out more about the restaurant here.

Can you solve the pie trivia?
Can you solve the pie trivia?
Village Inn

Village Inn
On Facebook, Village Inn is pushing a trivia contest that promises to test your Pi-Q, and will randomly choose a winner who'll receive a free whole pie. If you think you've got the answers, comment on Facebook today for your chance to win.

Pie is on our minds.EXPAND
Pie is on our minds.
Lori Midson

Whole Foods
Pie mania! Select Whole Foods across the country — including the locations in Capitol Hill and Cherry Creek — are offering $3.14 discounts on the regular price of nine-inch and six-inch fruit pies, as well as $2 off take-and-bake pizzas on March 14. 

Free pizza for 3.14 years is on the line.EXPAND
Free pizza for 3.14 years is on the line.
Courtesy of Indi Samarajiva on Flickr

Pizza Hut
If you solve this math problem — created with the help of Princeton University professor John H. Conway — you will win free pizza for 3.14 years!  According to Pizza Hut, the alleged value of the win is $1,600.  The battle for pizza king began at 8 a.m. ET and continues all day; find the brain-puzzler here

Three pies from Long i. The Shoo-fly is the back-right pie, and it sells far quicker than molasses.EXPAND
Three pies from Long i. The Shoo-fly is the back-right pie, and it sells far quicker than molasses.
Mark Antonation

Long I Pie
The Shoo-Fly pie coming out of the mobile Long I Pie oven rated as one of our 100 Favorite Dishes of 2014 — but none of the fan favorites disappoint. Long I Pie sponsored a pie-eating contest yesterday, but it's not resting today. As a special deal on Pi Day, it's teaming up with @pleasesendsugar to have pie slices delivered to your door from 6 to 10 p.m. Find the details on pleasesendsugar.com; for this special, Please Send Sugar is going outside its normal DU area and will deliver pie all over town.

Happy Pi Day!

Did we miss a Pi Day deal? Let us know in the comments section.

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