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Social Sightings: Five Quick Bites of Food News

Welton Street Cafe's fried chicken is tasty to go, but you can eat it at the restaurant again starting July 27.
Welton Street Cafe's fried chicken is tasty to go, but you can eat it at the restaurant again starting July 27. Molly Martin
Monday mornings are tough. But this new series isn't. Social Sightings is your quick look at interesting food tidbits that we've spotted over the past week, posted by our favorite restaurants and bars. It goes down as easy as your first cup of coffee, and should whet your appetite for the week ahead.

Indoor dining returns to Welton Street Cafe on July 27. Celebrating with a fried chicken feast should definitely be on your to-do list this week!
Instagram: @weltonstreetcafe

We got word that quick-hit Colfax Avenue Italian spot Benzina is debuting new summer dishes. Head in for tagliatelle with king crab, rock shrimp “fra Diavlo,” corn pizza with nduja, heirloom tomato salad and more.
Instagram: @benzinadenver

Black Cat Farm/Instagram
Food truck favorite Pho King Rapidos also has a new menu item: Kim Cheesy rolls, stuffed with Dead Veggies kimchi, cheese and Spam sautéed with garlic.
Instagram: @pho_king_rapidos

Drink Topo Chico to support Ohana Island Kitchen: The LoHi poke destination is one of only seven restaurants in the country to be chosen for the Topo Chico Tour, which means the company will kick back $5 to Ohana when you drink its sparkling mineral water there. The restaurant has also added a sparling POG (passion fruit, orange, guava) Topo spritz to the menu.
Instagram: @ohanadenver

We've been dreaming of Black Cat's produce.... Drive out to the Boulder farm between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday to load up on the latest haul straight from the fields.
Instagram: @blackcatboulder
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