Steak 'n Shake returns to metro Denver as two locations reopen

They're back! After being shut down after the franchisees got in a legal feud with the Indiana-based parent company, the Steak 'n Shakes of Centennial and Sheridan are back slinging burgers. Both stores reopened yesterday, and this time they're being run by the corporation.

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both locations are now open 24/7, with breakfast offered from midnight to 11 a.m.

And the change in management was apparent not just in the offerings at the two restaurants -- there had been some question of whether the franchisees were offering the $4 meal menu and happy hour for drinks and shakes that are supposed to be standard at Steak 'n Shake -- but also in how the managers dealt with the media.

When the restaurants opened two years ago, photographers had no problem getting inside. This time, though, they needed approval from the owners. But judging from the crowds, these Steak 'n Shakes already have the approval of consumers.

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