Sugar House is swinging back into action with a pool party this weekend

Nearly three years after Scottie Ewing left Denver and the swinger scene in general, his infamous Sugar House is back in business. "I was recently in Denver, hired as a restaurant and nightclub consultant for a new property opening up downtown and was invited to attend a couple swinger parties by friends," he explains. "After attending and speaking to a few hundred former Sugar House customers, it was clear the scene is lacking formidable events and parties for the younger, open-minded crowd we used to cater to...Basically, I was wooed into it by friends and former guests. It was flattering to hear I and Sugar House has been missed." See also: Sugar House is shut and so is another chapter in sordid Denver history

And Ewing plans to make a big spash, with a series of Sugar House events for "young, fit, fun, and sexy open-minded couples and women" that start this weekend with a pool party.

"Since summer is pretty much here and no one in this community has ever done pool parties, it's great timing," says Ewing. "Vegas-style pool parties are always a blast and people love them."

After Ewing sold his Sugar House business, he moved to San Diego with the intention of opening a Sugar House in Las Vegas. Meanwhile, Denver's swingers scene went through a number of changes. In one of the most unlikely moves ever, the Scarlet Ranch left its spot on Broadway and moved to the former home of the Northwoods Inn, startling elderly couples unaware of the switch when they popped in for a blue-plate special. The former home of Tosh's Hacienda (and many concepts since then) at 3090 Downing Street has also become a swingers' hangout. And Denver's Sugar Club went belly-up under its new owner, and Ewing ultimately wound up taking back the brand here.

His Summer Series Launch Party starts at p.m. on Saturday, June 21; the pool party starts at 11 a.m. the next day. For more information, go to the Sugar House website.

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