Sushi Sasa to double its dining room

Things are going swimmingly at Sushi Sasa, the ambitious sushi restaurant in the no-longer no-man's land between downtown and Highland. They're going so well, in fact, that Sushi Sasa is doubling the size of its dining room.

The expansion was made possible when the Wilderness Exchange moved to the corner of the building at 2401 15th Street, allowing the restaurant to snap up the space it had vacated -- which will allow the addition of 70 seats to the 62 already on the first floor.

The kitchen isn't expanding, though, so Sushi Sasa will be taking some of the thirty seats out of the current basement configuration.

"For the most part, we're going to stop seating downstairs and use it as a lounge and waiting area," explains manager Michael Burbage. They're updating the bathrooms in the basement, too -- and doubling the amount of parking available at lunch.

The contractor predicts that the project will be complete by mid-March, Burbage says, then adds, "but the unforeseen is always there." After all, who could have foreseen how wildly popular Sushi Sasi would be when it opened in the summer of 2005?

"We're just looking for a little controlled chaos," Burbage concludes.

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