Sweet Action Ice Cream is getting some sweet action at local restaurants

Sweet Action ice cream has been quietly expanding distribution recently at local markets, restaurants and coffee shops.

Last fall, Marcyzk's began carrying pints, and at Tony's Market, at 950 Broadway, there are no less than thirteen different flavors -- including baklava! chocolate cinnamon! salted butterscotch! -- of Sweet Action lining the freezer section.

"The number of restaurants has kind of grown as we've grown," says Sweet Action owner Sam Kopicko.

Some of the shop's lively, unique flavors -- recent, in-house creations include black licorice sambuca, mascarpone and vegan cookie dough -- are now available at Z Cuisine, WaterCourse, Interstate, Tokyo San Bowl and Great Northern.

"Coffeeshops started in the spring," Kopicko adds, including Fluid, Hooked on Colfax and Bardo.

As for the shop's pursuit of additional vendors, she says, "We kind of like to grow organically, whatever comes our way."

Sweet Action Ice Cream is located at 52 Broadway. For more information call 303-282-4645.

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