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Table 6 Says Goodbye to Sunday Brunch...for Now

DJ brunches have been a staple at Table 6 for twelve years.
DJ brunches have been a staple at Table 6 for twelve years. Table 6/Facebook
Table 6, the swanky dinner spot at 609 Corona Street, has officially kicked brunch off its menu — at least until the restaurant can get back on its feet, according to owner and sommelier Aaron Forman.

Over the restaurant's eighteen years in business, Forman has grown Table 6 into more than a cozy comfort-food experience. “It’s a home, not a house,” says Forman, describing the community hub that his restaurant has morphed into over the years.

For twelve years, Table 6 played host to a weekly Sunday brunch with a rotating cast of resident DJs as well as guest DJs — with the occasional touring artist popping by for a bite or even a quick set. Building a community over a shared love of music and lazy Sunday mornings, Table 6’s brunch became notorious for serving as a casual meeting place for musicians and creatives. But there hasn't been a Sunday brunch at Table 6 for almost eighteen months.

Local eateries have been revamping their pre-pandemic schedules, bringing back what they can. Still, restaurants across Denver and around the country have been struggling to keep up with demand, and Table 6 is no exception. “Most of my staff has been with me eight or more years,” Forman says. “I only lost about three employees, and that’s only because they went back home and left Colorado.” But for Forman, being short-staffed by three is enough to disrupt the tight operation...and make brunch too much of a stretch.
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Two brunch guests pose in front of the wall at Table 6
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Local DJ Ginger Perry held down the decks for almost the entirety of the event’s run, even when she moved to New Orleans for work. “I’d fly back pretty much every Sunday,” remembers Perry. Her boss, the well-known EDM producer Pretty Lights, fully understood and supported her in her weekly cross-country treks, even stopping by occasionally when he was in town.

L.A. Zwicky, the DJ moniker of local queer house DJ and eccentric hairstylist Lauren Zwicky, often spun at the brunch, as well. For Zwicky, it became her first consistent gig as a burgeoning DJ a decade ago. “I could go and just play whatever music I wanted to, and I knew that people would be receptive to it,” she says.

Raul Besos, a local musician and artist, attended Table 6’s brunch frequently over the years, shooting portraits of its many attendees. “It was a trailblazer for Denver music and food,” Besos notes. “Ginger made it cool to deejay brunch.”

The final DJ brunch at Table 6 took place right before the lockdown, on March 8, 2020, recalls Perry.

She reflects fondly on the years spent at Table 6, sharing music and breaking bread with the vivacious community built around the weekly event. “I’m grateful that Table 6 let us do this for so many years,” she says, tearing up. “It was such a heartwarming experience, and I’ll never forget it.”

For Forman, bringing back Sunday brunch is the ultimate goal as the restaurant begins to rebuild in the tepid wake of the pandemic. “We went strong for twelve years [of Sunday brunch] here,” he says. “I’m not going anywhere.”
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