The Garden ends regular restaurant service, continues as event space

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Aleece Raw, who got into Internet marketing in the early 1990s, found her trajectory shifting five years ago when her sister and mother were ill and she decided to go to natural chef school. While in school, Raw interned at Kate's at 35th Avenue, a restaurant located in a lovely Victorian house in Park Hill that Lynn Smith had owned since 1982. "I really liked the place," says Raw. "But I had no idea what I was going to do."

And then, on a trip to California with her mother and sister, who'd both had cancer, she got an idea: They'd open a family-owned restaurant in the Kate's space, one that emphasizes healthy food that also tastes good. "In Denver, there aren't a lot of good options if you're vegan or gluten-free or raw, and I like turning people onto it," Raw explained when the Garden opened in early 2012. But now there's one less option: The Garden is no longer open as a restaurant.

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But that doesn't mean that Raw has given up on the Garden's mission, "improving the quality of life by connecting people with delicious, healthy, local, affordable and sustainable food." Although the Garden ended weekly service on May 1, it continues to cultivate its garden and hold special classes, workshops and other activities. And the lovely space is available for private parties and other events -- which Raw will cater.

Here's the note she posted about the Garden closing on the Garden website:

Dear customers and friends,

It's been more than a year now that we have been fortunate enough to share good food and fun with you every weekend. And although we've built a great group of regulars and friends, it just hasn't been enough to pay for the labor costs of staying open each week. So while it pains me to say it, we'll be ending our weekly service effective today, May 1st.

I am pleased to say though, that we WILL have a bunch of special events over the summer, with ample opportunity for you to come in, share the love and enjoy some delicious food. I'll be updating the web site this week with all sorts of cooking classes, gardening workshops, tours, movies, potlucks, food tastings, farm-to-table dinners and more. Visit the Calendar regularly to see what's coming....

With each end, there are also new beginnings. We've talked with many of you over the past year about starting a food buying club to share our passion and connections with local, organic, affordable foods- dried beans, whole grains and flours, dried fruits and nuts, fresh vegetables, 100% grass-fed meats and more. It looks like the stars are finally aligning to kick that off this summer.

Our mission continues to be improving the quality of life by connecting people with delicious, healthy, local, affordable and sustainable food.

For more information on events, the food buying club or otherwise partnering with us on creative ventures designed to promote good food, health and community, give us a call at 303-321-5231 or email me at aleece@thegarden-parkhill.com.

Much love,


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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.