The Oh Joy Ice Cream truck rolls out at this weekend's first Cherry Creek Fresh Market

Jackie Cuyler, who's been a server at Jax Fish House in Boulder for nine years, was at a park with her kids a few years ago when an ice cream truck stopped by.

"It was all junk," she remembers. Soon after, when she was in Brooklyn, she noticed an ice cream truck hawking gourmet treats -- and she started forming an idea. This weekend, that idea will come to life: the first of two Oh Joy Ice Cream trucks will make its grand debut at the Cherry Creek Fresh Market, which opens its season Saturday.

"I bought two," the entrepreneur explains, noting that the truck hitting the pavement this weekend will serve Denver; the Boulder truck will rev up in a couple of weeks. Both vehicles will hawk all-natural ice cream -- a blend that uses eggs instead of chemicals to emulsify the stuff -- as well as gourmet ice cream sandwiches, made from a couple of different kinds of cookies and eight different flavors of ice cream. The flavor line-up will rotate; Cuyler is starting Saturday with vanilla, cupcake, sea salt caramel, rocky road, lemon cream, espresso brownie and wild berry mint. The ice cream will be available in pints and in locally made cones. (Cuyler says she'll have gluten-free cones, too.)

"Eventually, we'll have a signature flavor," she says. "But I'm not sure what that is yet."

In addition to Saturday stops at the Cherry Creek Fresh Market, Cuyler plans to hit the Wednesday market and the Stapleton Farmers' Market starting in mid-June. And though she has no regular stops planned in Boulder, she's currently working out her routes, which she'll unveil on her Facebook page once she gets going.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.