The warm taste of Maui Brewing is on its way to chilly Colorado

On November 15, a shipment of Maui Brewing Company's canned beers left Hawaii by boat, bound for one of the ports in Southern California -- and eventually for Colorado.

It hasn't arrived yet.

But it might soon, and when it does, says Dave Watson of the CR Goodman liquor distributorship in Commerce City, it will hit the shelves quickly -- a blessing for fans of the brewery's signature CoCoNut Porter, and a nice taste of the Islands in the cold of winter.

"The issue we may be running into," he says, is the holidays, when extra boatloads of goods arrive at the ports in time for the winter shopping season. At the same time, dock workers are taking days off around the holidays, like everyone else.

But Watson isn't worried. "CoCoNut Porter has a three- to four-month minimum shelf life," he notes. And since the beer is in cans, it will have less exposure to light.

This will be Maui Brewing's first shipment to Colorado; the brewery also recently began distributing its beers on the West Coast. In addition to CoCoNut Porter, it is sending its Big Swell IPA and Bikini Blonde Lager.

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