Reader: New Denver Continues to Wage War on Old Denver
Sarah McGill

Reader: New Denver Continues to Wage War on Old Denver

Some soccer fans are booing the closure of the Three Lions, an English-style pub at 2239 East Colfax Avenue. The spot was famous around town for televising English Premier League matches, often opening in the morning for televised soccer because of the time difference between Denver and the U.K.

Owner Little Pub Co. plans to open a new concept in the place: Colfax Sports & Brew. But not everyone is cheering.

Says Marissa: 

Sad day for soccer fans in Denver. It will become another generic sports bar. Boring.

Adds David: 

Let's take a sports bar that was different and had a great niche and make it just like every other sports bar...why?

Counters Scott: 

They can still show fútbol/soccer. But now they’ll appeal to more people by showing other sports. Sounds like a no-brainer.

Recalls Chris:

Used to live two blocks away and liked going there for games. I’d say it’ll be missed, but didn’t go there in the last four years.

And then there's this from Andy: 

That bar got me laid once. RIP.

Some people still miss former occupants of that space, including Chesby's, the Mint and the Bank. Says John:

That's a tough corner with almost no day trade unless you do a special for the high school. It used to be a very nice room. More elegant.

Sarah concludes: 

Nothing will ever replace The Bank. New Denver continues to wage its war on Old Denver.

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Reader: New Denver Continues to Wage War on Old DenverEXPAND
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Reader: New Denver Continues to Wage War on Old Denver
Sarah McGill

"English Soccer Pub Will Soon Become Colfax Sports & Brew"

Mark Berzins, founder of Little Pub, says that after remodeling, the Three Lions space will reopen as Colfax Sports & Brew in a few weeks.

Little Pub "could not make the space cash-flow with the (predominantly) early-day soccer crowd," he explains. While the owners "appreciated the great, loyal fans of the pub, [we] just could not find our way into the black with any regularity," Berzins adds. Colfax Sports & Brew will offer a wider range of televised events to create a broader appeal for sports fans.

What do you think of the Little Pub move? What's your favorite sports bar in Denver? Post a comment or email cafe@westword.com.

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