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Top 10 most popular Westword restaurant reviews of 2009

It's about damn time this year ended. But before it does, we're taking a look back at your favorite stories of 2009. Here, the ten most popular restaurant reviews of the year. 10. Buchi Cafe Cubano offers an authentic taste of Cuba -- and a great cup of coffee, July 16. 9. Park Burger could turn into the cheeseburger grill of my dreams, July 29.

8. In mourning over a meal at Mark & Isabella, October 22.

7. Tocabe does Chipotle one better -- with fry bread, April 16. 6. The "gastropub" label aside, Jonesy's EatBar is great, May 14. 5. Shazz has a seriously bad name, and seriously good food, March 12. 4. The dim sum shines at Star Kitchen, March 5. 3. The fried chicken at White Fence Farm really flies, June 25. 2. Frank Bonanno's new restaurant will bowl you over, March 19. 1. The food at Root Down gets a thumbs-down, April 2.

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