Trump Jr. Denied Entry to the Sink in Boulder; Andre 3000 Makes Surprise Visit

Donald Trump Jr. was in Colorado on Monday to stump on behalf of his dad, but while he was welcomed at the Centennial Gun Club, a bar in Boulder proved a little more exclusive. The Trump campaign trail hit a roadblock at The Sink, the popular bar on the Hill that has hosted other celebrities — political and otherwise — over the years.

The Sink posted this note on its Facebook page to explain why Trump Jr. and his entourage were turned away:

Wow, Trump Jr. must have heard about our new menu for us to be getting all this attention. We found out about this news through the same Daily Camera article that so many of you have seen. While this in no way represents a political stance for us, we DO support the political process - maybe Bernie Sanders will pop in while he's in town too? We hear he likes pizza...

The note was followed up by a response to further clarify the restaurant's position:

We have tried to make it clear that Trump Jr. and his campaign were more than welcome to dine with us - we do not discriminate based on political (or any) beliefs. What we couldn't do was hold a campaign event inside on such short notice and with no prior communication with the campaign. We hope you understand.

True to that position, the Sink welcomed Barack Obama in 2012 in a non-campaign visit and has also hosted celebrity chefs Guy Fieri, Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert. In fact, the owners of the restaurant were so honored by Obama's visit that they changed the name of the pizza he ordered for lunch to the POTUS, which still graces the Sink's menu.

And just yesterday, musician and actor André Benjamin — better known as André 3000 of OutKast — stopped in and signed his name on the restaurant's graffitied wall. That visit was also chronicled on the Sink's Facebook timeline:

In other celebrity news, we had one of the greatest rappers of all time, André 3000, grace us with his presence last night!
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