Two-Fisted Mario's Pizza reopening tonight after a remodel

Two-Fisted Mario's

, 1626 Market Street, has long been a unique place to sit and put down a pizza, but the digs of the eatery's sibling restaurants are some of the most inventive interiors in town. Right next door,

Mario's Double Daughters Salotto

, 1632 Market Street, feels like an acid-induced tumble down Alice's rabbit hole. And dining at

Beatrice & Woodsley

, 38 South Broadway, is probably the closest you'll ever come to spending an evening in an enchanted forest.

Lest the pizza flagship look like a neglected stepchild, though, it's been getting an interior overhaul for the past nineteen days, the results of which will be revealed when the door opens tonight and pies start coming out of the ovens once more.

That remodel has preserved the color-scheme of Two-Fisted Mario's, but the lobby space has changed significantly. We won't give away the details of the unveiling here, though, so if you want to see what they've done, you'll have to go tonight when the restaurant opens at 6 p.m.

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