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Historic George Schleier Mansion to Become Boutique Hotel and Restaurant

George Schleier Mansion
George Schleier Mansion Historic Denver
Urban Cowboy, a cowboy-inspired boutique hotel chain, is set to open an eighteen-room outpost at the George Schleier Mansion, at 1665 Grant Street in 2023.

The Queen Anne-style building was built by architect Fred Edbrooke for George C. Schleier, a hat tycoon and politician, in the 1880s. Its distinct architectural features include gargoyles, engraved Bavarian swans reflecting Schleier's German heritage, and an iconic dome; there are eight fireplaces in the mansion, some hand-carved. For the past several decades, the building, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places, has been used for offices.

"We’re excited to witness its transformation into more active use for a new generation, and know that a special historic place like this will help anchor the growing neighborhood,” says Annie Levinsky in an announcement of the project. Now with History Colorado, Levinsky worked on the deal while she was executive director of Historic Denver, which secured a preservation easement on the property in 2018.

"Part of our easement agreement with the owners [is that] we do review any exterior changes to the building," says Shannon Stage, manager of grants and preservation services for Historic Denver.
The Cabin room at Urban Cowboy's Nashville location.
Urban Cowboy/Instagram
Urban Cowboy will work with Historic Denver and GBX Group LLC, a firm that preserves historic real estate and helps repurpose it (in another Historic Denver deal, GBX stepped up to help save the Tom's Diner structure), to ensure that the building will keep its integrity while also becoming an attraction for travelers.

Urban Cowboy owners Lyon Porter and Jersey Banks (a Denver native) opened their first hotel in Brooklyn (that building now houses a design studio), then added spots in Nashville and the Catskills.

The two-story carriage house in back of the George Schleier Mansion will become the brand's restaurant, Public House, which is also a staple at the Nashville location. It will serve craft cocktails along with a menu of small plates and wood-fired pies created by Brooklyn-based (and Michelin-starred) Roberta's Pizza. The second floor of the carriage house will be used as a lounge and private event space.

"We’re really inspired by the romantic, rustic nostalgia of what was authentically cowboy in Colorado and the West, which is different from what cowboy culture looked like in Nashville,” says Banks. “I’m especially excited to play with this since I grew up here.”
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