Reader: Vesta Gone? 2020 Gets Ten Times Worse Every Day

Reader: Vesta Gone? 2020 Gets Ten Times Worse Every Day
courtesy Josh Wolkon
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When Vesta Dipping Grill arrived back in 1997, it changed Denver's dining scene. For starters, the restaurant pioneered an area where fine dining, even casual fine dining, was relatively unknown: the upper end of LoDo. And then, the place was just so cool: an edgy, industrial interior; a fun concept that paired homemade sauces with your choice of proteins; young owner, chefs and staffers who quickly created a community.

Over the years, as restaurants opened around Vesta, it made some changes — the chairs that had earned it the "Vesta Tripping Grill" nickname disappeared, as did the words "Dipping Grill" themselves. But Vesta remained as cool as ever until it closed along with the rest of Colorado's restaurants in mid-March.

And while others reopened, including siblings Steuben's Uptown and Ace Eat Serve, Vesta did not. Now it never will: Last week, founder Josh Wolkon told Vesta's staff and fans that it's gone for good. The response was immediate, and overwhelming.

Says Taylor:

Nooooooooo: 2020 gets seriously 10 times worse every day.

Adds Sadiki:

Well, shit...what I thought was impossible has happened.

Says Doug:

Damnit. Some of my favorite meals of my life.

Notes Lauren:

I remember going to Vesta in my early twenties for the first time and thinking, “Wow, I’m a grownup now. I can pay for this nice meal on my own.” I also had some great dates with my then-boyfriend-now-husband early in our relationship. Thanks for the memories.

Recalls Lisa:

I spent some fabulous evenings there with friends and family. Thank you so much for the fantastic food, atmosphere and service.

Comments Carolyn:

So many of life's celebrations and friendship fun there. As a hotel concierge, I sent literally thousands there over the years. What a loss.

Remembers Tracy: 

This is the saddest news, and my heart is literally breaking right now. Waiting tables at Vesta brings back so many great memories. I loved that job, the restaurant and the people who worked there.

Says Tirzah:

We are heartbroken to lose this beloved establishment! Josh and Jenn and the Vesta crew are the best people on earth. Our daughter Bri prepped there devotedly until her death a year ago. Vesta was her second family. Our memories will live on!

Wonders Diane:

Dies anybody else feeling like they are living in the Twilight Zone?

Warns John:

Now they can put an Applebee's Grill & Bar in there! $1 drinks and half-priced apps for everyone!

But first, you can return to 1822 Blake Street on August 8 and August 9 for one last Vesta event, though it will be a sad goodbye: Last month, former exec chef Brandon Foster, who'd moved on to Project Angel Heart, passed away, and Vesta will be hosting "Boards for Brandon," selling housemade charcuterie (Foster created the Vesta charcuterie room and program) and cheese on keepsake #BeLikeBrandon cutting boards. There will also be sales on wine, and a chance to celebrate the chef who was such an intrinsic part of the Vesta community; all proceeds will go to Foster's family. Reserve your board and pick-up time here.

What will you miss about Vesta? Post a comment or share your thoughts at editorial@westword.com.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.