Video: Jabo Lawson Explains Why Old-School is the Best Barbecue

Last week we posted our list of the

ten best barbecue joints in Denver


Jabo's Bar-Be-Q
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, a perennial favorite in an unlikely Centennial location, made the list for its smoky ribs and pulled pork as well as for a wide variety of fruity, spicy and tangy sauces. Our videographer Bailey Geoghan stopped in to talked to owner and local barbecue legend Jabo Lawson about what makes his 'cue special.

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Part of it, explains Lawson, is that pit masters have to make their own sauce. Jabo's makes 25 kinds, with six on offer at any time. Plus, you get a tasting tray if you're not sure -- and the kitchen will customize the sauce to your liking.

The other secret is in the wood. Watch the video below to see which wood Lawson uses to give his meats a taste of the Deep South.

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